Welcome to the Sabertrio Online Store; the place where you can easily acquire fully working custom sabers, accessories and components.  All transactions are handled securely via PayPal in either US Dollar or Malaysian Ringgit.


These are fully functioning custom sabers that are ready for action straight out from the box . It does not require any separate purchase of other accessories to properly function.  The features of these sabers are dependent on which saber configuration your select. 

UPDATE 31st January 2020 : Temporary Store Closure
Sabertrio is currently NOT accepting any new custom saber orders due to a supply chain disruption for components originating from China. This is due to the recent Wuhan virus outbreak which has caused several major cities in China to lock down. On top of that, factories within the country have been forced to take an extended leave in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus. 

We are currently exploring alternate manufacturing sources to reduce the delays incurred by this incident for outstanding orders. Until that is established, we feel that it is simply too risky to accept new orders which is why every custom saber model is now set to sold out. Also, we wish to focus fully on current orders to ensure quality of each piece is never compromised.

By our current estimations, the Sabertrio Online Store is set to return in April 2020 with every custom saber model being made available.