sabertrio user guide

Sabertrio User Guide

Make the jump to your saga in a galaxy not so far away. Explore this sacred archive and learn how to wield that elegant instrument from a more civilized age, one fateful duel at a time.

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Explore the secrets of your saber. Learn about the blades, hilts and the mechanical soul that brings them to life.

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Embark on your saber mastery journey equipped with essential knowledge. From recharging to securing your blade and updating the soundboard, discover all you need to wield your saber skillfully.

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Discover your saber's full potential. Use our operational flowchart as your training companion, guiding you through the myriad of features essential for every legendary duel.

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Your saber, your rules. Our guide demystifies the art of saber customization, whether it's selecting the perfect blade color or importing your dream sound font.

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Encounter an issue? This guide has you covered from blade to pommel. And if the way forward is still clouded, our dedicated customer service team is just a few clicks away.

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Prepare for your next duel with confidence. This guide ensures you will be battle-ready and empowers you with the knowledge to maintain your saber for future battles.

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