Welcome to the Sabertrio User Guide. This page contains important information that will guide you to maximizing the lifespan of your saber as well utilizing it to the fullest of its capabilities; please read this user guide.


The internals of an FX saber contains multiple components that are all neatly housed together in a chassis made from Delrin; a very durable thermoplastic. In the section below, we will be referring to several of these components and therefore it is important to familiarize yourself with all of it. The illustration below shows an FX chassis and this is found inside all Sabertrio FX sabers.


When the battery is installed, the saber will be in either one of these modes at any point in time:


  • During deep sleep mode, the saber consumes extremely low current which allows it to be left idle for very long periods of time without fully draining its own battery.
  • If the saber has an illuminated switch, the switch is NOT illuminated in this mode. 
  • Pressing the switch once will put the saber into active mode.


  • In active mode, the saber has been booted up and is ready to be used.
  • If the saber has an illuminated switch, the switch will be illuminated even if the saber’s blade LED is off.
  • The saber will automatically enter deep sleep mode if the blade LED is off and the saber is idle for 5 minutes.


Accessing the Saber’s Chassis

  • Remove the pommel by unscrewing it from the saber to reveal the chassis inside.
  • With one hand cupping the bottom opening of the saber, gently shake the chassis out. When part of the chassis is out of the saber, hold the sides of it and pull it out completely. You may need to rotate the chassis to align it into the right position to be fully taken out.
  • Never forcefully shake the chassis out as its fall from the saber may put stress on the wires and potentially snap it. The chassis can never be completely separated from the saber; it will still be held back by all the wires connecting the components together.

Inserting the Chassis Back Into the Saber

  • Align the chassis’ cut-in to the saber’s Covertec wheel’s screw. 
  • Gently push the chassis into the saber at the sides of the speaker. Never press on the speaker itself as this may damage it.
  • Replace the pommel to saber and screw it back tightly. If the pommel cannot screw completely in, remove it and gently shake the chassis out. Rotate the chassis one entire round to bundle twist the wires behind it and reinsert the chassis back into the saber. Repeat this step if the pommel does not screw completely again.

Recharging the Saber

  • Attached the correct plug head type to the charger and connect it to a wall socket. Power on the socket (if any) and the LED indicator on the charger should be green.
  • Access the saber’s chassis as explained above to reveal the recharge port inside the saber. Connect the charger’s 2.1mm jack to the recharge port. The LED indicator on the charger should change to red indicating that the connection is successful and the battery of the saber is being charged.
  • When the battery is fully charged, the LED indicator on the charger will revert back to green. The 2.1mm jack can now be disconnected from the recharge port and the chassis may be reinserted back into the saber.
  • A depleted battery would typically require about 5 hours to be fully charged.

Muting the Saber

  • When the saber is in active mode, press and hold the switch until a set of beeps is heard.
  • In a V2.0 or earlier versions, the saber’s blade LED will illuminate without any sound. All LED effects will still work however the saber will be silent. Press and hold the switch to power down the saber’s blade LED and disable mute.
  • In a V2.5 or later versions, the saber’s blade LED will illuminate without any sound and the saber is now permanently muted. It can be used like normal including powering the blade’s LED on & off and will continue remaining silent. To disable mute, when the saber’s blade LED is off, press and hold the switch until a set of beeps is heard. The mute function is now disabled.

Changing the Blade LED’s Color

  • To access the blade LED color changing function, the saber MUST be in deep sleep mode.
  • When in deep sleep mode, press and hold the switch until 3 consecutive beeps is heard and the saber illuminates. This is the color changing function.
  • A single press will cycle to the next color. When the desired color is found, press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to save this new setting. The saber will now illuminate with this color until changed again.

Forcing the Saber Into Deep Sleep Mode

When the saber is in active mode, there are multiple ways to force it into deep sleep mode besides waiting 5 minutes for it to automatically do so. These methods are:

  • Connecting the charger to the recharge port and then disconnecting it. 
  • Removing the battery from the battery holder and then putting it back in.
  • Press and hold the switch until a 2nd set of beeps is heard (only applicable for V2.5 FX sabers and above).