a cut above the ordinary


At Sabertrio, we build premium duel-ready custom sabers that
are inspired by a certain elegant weapon from a galaxy far, far away.
Each piece is meticulously assembled and hand finished
to attain a quality level of a more civilized age.

our story

Our Story

Founded in 2016 by three individuals, Sabertrio was born out of a passion for a certain galaxy far, far away....and above that, to bring custom sabers to life.

Starting from a small desk, we embarked on our quest to craft fully functioning duel-ready custom sabers that most importantly, were well made and original in design. It was a long and arduous journey, but also a deeply gratifying one where we had the opportunity to bring so much fun, excitement, and joy to people all over the world with our sabers. It was through this that we felt, we had finally found our calling.

Today, Sabertrio is a company that embodies the premium custom saber experience. On top of continuously perfecting our sabers in designs, features and options, we believe that the interaction you have with us is equally as important. We strive to deliver on this promise through open communication, transparency and honesty. We aim to get everything right; from providing the very best customer service & support, to creating an elegant weapon that exceeds expectations, while keeping within the promised lead time. We do all these because ultimately, we want YOU to have a truly memorable custom saber experience with us. This is the way.

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