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Sabertrio is a team of custom saber enthusiasts who seeks to share their passion of it with everyone else. We make high-grade, well-built, duel ready custom sabers with a quality level that you would expect of an elegant weapon from a more civilized age.

Features & Highlights

All Sabertrio illuminated sabers are made from durable T6061 aircraft grade aluminium and are designed for dueling.
Sabertrio uses the CREE XP-E2 or SK6812 LEDs; the brightest models in the market. 
Every saber comes with a delrin chassis that protects all internal electronics from movements and shocks. 
Sabertrio Neo & FX sabers are equipped with Plecter Labs sound boards which delivers realistic audio & LED effects. 
All of our blades have an outer diameter of 1″ and is made from very durable polycarbonate. Both standard and neo blades have been triple diffused for a very evenly lit effect .  
All Sabertrio sabers are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to use. Every piece is meticulously machined to ensure there are no sharp edges.
The Neo and FX sabers are equipped with the VECO 2W 8ohm bass speaker; a speaker model that is known for its loud and clear sound output.
Your safety is our main concern. Sabertrio only uses PCB protected 18650 batteries and our chargers contain built-in safety functions. 

Available Blade Colors.

Available Blade Colors

* Color only available for Neo & FX sabers.

Discover the Sabertrio collection at our store and start configuring your own custom saber today!

Discover the Sabertrio collection at our store and start configuring your own custom saber today!

Reviews from Our Customers

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     After writing a negative review, i've worked out my issue with Sabertrio.

    I'll explain for anyone who is interested below:

    Jake Tjepkes

     I got mine as a gift last summer. It’s so awesome. Looks and sounds awesome. I would recommend it to anyone.

    Oliver Nelson Butch Carey

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     The price was competitive, the quality is superb, and their customer service is amazing!

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     A top team proposing top products!

    Nicolas Foulon

This is Our Story

Just like every other saber enthusiast, we are constantly expanding our own collection of illuminated sabers. This has led us to experience many built types and we particularly favor those that has an internal chassis with a Plecter Labs soundboard. Getting these type of sabers usually requires you to assemble it yourself, commission someone else to do it or buy a ready made one at a substantial price and wait time. Being based in South East Asia has not made it any easier and that got us thinking of how we could actually become another option.

Sabertrio’s goal is to be an accessible platform for everyone to easily acquire a fully functioning illuminated saber that has been customized to their preferences. We aim to do this with high quality components, good craftsmanship and original saber designs. More so, we strive to offer these through quick deliveries, excellent customer service and ultimately, at a fair price.

Our operations are located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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