What are the differences between a Stunt, FX and Neo saber?

Stunt Saber

This is the basic configuration that is most suitable for taking cosplay photos or participating in saber combat classes. The saber is illuminated with the brightest in-hilt LED but only has static light effects and no sounds.

FX Saber

This is the mid tier configuration and the recommended variant for those who are new to the custom sabers scene, involved in live saber performances or as an awesome gift for someone special. The saber is illuminated with the brightest in-hilt LED and features blade color changing, light effects and basic sounds. It has all the features needed for a fun and complete saber experience.

Neo Saber

This is the ultimate configuration which features all the latest saber technologies currently available to deliver the most realistic saber experience. The saber is illuminated by hundreds of LEDs inside the Neo Blade and is extremely bright. It features smoothswing, blade color changing, elaborate light effects and advanced sounds. This configuration is also highly customizable; new sound fonts can be added and virtually all effects can be modified so that the saber behaves exactly as how you want it to be.

Is there a complete feature list for each saber configuration?

Yes, there certainly is and we have formatted it into a comparison chart so you can easily see the differences between each saber configuration.

View Saber Feature Comparison Chart

What sounds fonts does the FX & Neo sabers have?

The FX saber’s sound font is either Pico Light Side or Pico Dark Side. Once the selection is made, it cannot be changed. Click here to preview both sound fonts.

The Neo saber comes preloaded as standard with numerous sound fonts from various artists. With the Sabertrio Neo Saber Preconfiguration V4.2, the sound fonts included are:

  • SABERTRIO (KSith) – Smoothswing Enabled
  • DARK EDITION (KSith) – Smoothswing Enabled
  • THE LIGHT (KSith) – Smoothswing Enabled
  • THE BALANCE (KSith) – Smoothswing Enabled
  • THE DARK (KSith) – Smoothswing Enabled
  • VENGEANCE (KSith) – Smoothswing Enabled
  • KROSSGUARD (KSith) – Smoothswing Enabled
  • HOTH (GCS) – Smoothswing Enabled
  • SHATTERPOINT (GCS) – Smoothswing Enabled
  • SHOTO (GCS) – Smoothswing Enabled
  • NEGOTIATOR (FOURZZE) – Smoothswing Enabled
  • CRYSTAL FOCUS (Link) – Smoothswing Enabled
  • NEBULA (Link) – Smoothswing Enabled
  • GREYMEAT (SekRogue)
  • KAMINO (Nightstorm)
  • CRUCIBLE (Nightstorm)
  • MALIGN (Nightstorm)

Will Sabertrio be offering more saber designs?

Absolutely! Our aim is to create as many new designs as possible so that eventually we will have a saber hilt for every niche and preference out there. Apart from that, we are constantly working on new accessories, customization options, and more. To receive the latest news & updates, please follow our Facebook page which is where all our announcements are made.

What kind of customizations does Sabertrio offer?

At Sabertrio, we believe that the saber is a very personal item and should be uniquely customized to an individual’s own preference. Every piece is made to order and after selecting your saber’s hilt, you are able to customize the following:

  • Saber hilt’s color, finish and etchings (optional).
  • Saber blade color, length and grade.
  • Activiation switch style and color.
  • Covertec wheel color.
  • Electronics configuration.
  • Sound fonts (FX & Neo sabers only)

How long does it take for a full battery charge?

The rechargeable stunt and FX sabers comes with an 18650 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery. It would take approximately 6 hours to fully charge it with a Sabertrio charger. As for the Neo sabers, these comes with an uprated 18650 3120 mAh 15A hi-discharge lithium-ion battery. Due to its larger capacity, it would take approximately 7 hours to fully charge it with the provided Sabertrio charger.

The Sabertrio charger which features swappable plug heads has an output rating of 0.5A. While charge times are slower with this, it reduces the heat output and stress on the battery which results in a longer battery lifespan.

My Neo saber says "Diatium cell missing". What does that mean?

The Crystal Focus X soundboard of the Neo saber has an on board battery voltage reader. If it detects that the battery voltage level is dangerously low, it will make this prompt and prevent any further usage of the saber. You will need to charge your Neo saber to use it again.

Why are 18650 batteries only available domestically?

All international shipments are sent via air and IATA has categorized lithium-ion batteries as dangerous goods. The regulations only allows for these batteries to be shipped if it is pre-installed inside a device. That is the reason why we cannot ship batteries on its own.

Is there any warranty on a Sabertrio saber?

Every Sabertrio custom saber comes with a one year limited warranty. The details of this warranty can be found here.