What is a Saber Configuration?

The saber configuration essentially determines the electronic setup within the custom saber itself. We are currently offering three configurations which are CFX, Proffie and Stunt.

As the name suggests, the CFX Saber Configuration is powered by the Crystal Focus X soundboard. It is the advanced configuration that features the latest saber technology by Plecter Labs to deliver the most realistic saber experience. Effects are highly customizable through a more user-friendly process.

The Proffie Saber Configuration on the other hand is powered by the ProffieBoard version 2.2 soundboard. It is the advanced programmable alternative configuration that features the latest open-source saber technology for also delivering the most realistic saber experience. Effects customization requires adequate programming knowledge.

And finally, we have the Stunt Saber Configuration which does not feature a soundboard. It is the basic configuration that has all the essentials required for saber combat classes or cosplay photoshoots. It does not have any sound effects.

What does ‘Neo’ mean in a Saber Configuration?

Any saber configuration that has the name ‘Neo’ at the start of it (eg. Neo CFX Saber) basically means that the saber is illuminated by a Neo Blade instead of regular in-hilt CREE LEDs.

A Neo Blade is a custom saber blade type that features hundreds of individually addressable LEDs inside of it that allows for complex and realistic blade effects. Effects such as scrolling ignitions & retractions, locational blaster blocks and blade tip drag are only possible with this blade type.

Is there a quick way to compare all Saber Configurations?

Yes, there certainly is and here is the link:

View the Feature Comparison List

CFX or Proffie; which is better?

First off, neither of these saber configurations or soundboards are superior to one another. Both have been thoroughly preconfigured and optimized so that it works amazingly well from the moment you receive the saber. The main difference only occurs if you ever decide to start tweaking or customizing the saber’s settings.

When deciding on which to choose, the determining factor, apart from stock availability, should be based on these points:

  • Do you require on-the-go setting adjustments?
  • How deep do you wish to customize your saber’s effects and controls?
  • Are you familiar with programming?

The CFX Saber Configuration supports on-the-go setting adjustments via a menu function that is accessible on the saber itself. Adding sound fonts is done through following a series of steps that involves a supporting computer and adjusting values in config files. It is generally more user friendly and does NOT require any programming knowledge. Customization options for blade effects and saber controls are decent.

The Proffie Saber Configuration allows for extensive customizations of blade effects, saber controls and more. Each time a modification is made, or a new sound font is added, the firmware on the soundboard needs to be recompiled and reflashed. This requires a supporting computer to be initially set up and changes are all made through programming codes. On-the-go setting adjustments is lesser.

Can I order an empty custom saber hilt?

We unfortunately do not offer such a saber configuration however our stunt sabers are a popular choice amongst third-party installers. You may specify which internal chassis you want installed; CFX or Proffie.

Can I request for the saber hilt to be finished in a unique way?

At Sabertrio, we always love to be as accommodating as we can. The best would be for you to drop us a message and share with us what you have in mind. If it is possible to be done, you can be assured that we will do it for you.

Can I order a saber without the Covertec Wheel?

Unfortunately, that will not be possible simply because our chassis system uses the Covertec Wheel’s screw to align itself inside the hilt. However, there is a work around; the Covertec Wheel can be replaced with the provided spare retention screw to achieve a flushed external surface area. Always ensure that the chassis is fully removed from the saber before tightening the screw to minimize the risk of stripping the threads.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

Typically, it would require 5 to 7 hours to fully charge the battery inside the saber with our Custom Saber Smart Charger. The reason for the slow charge is because the charger only has a 0.5A output which is intended to preserve the longevity of the saber’s 18650 lithium-ion battery.

Is there any warranty on a Sabertrio saber?

Every Sabertrio custom saber is covered by a one-year limited warranty against any form of manufacturing defects. In the unlikely event your saber has an issue, simply drop us a message and our customer service team will be with you soon. Our Warranty & Return policy can be viewed here.


How are payments handled?

At Sabertrio, all transactions are handled in US Dollars through two available payment methods which are:

  • PayPal (includes PayPal’s Buyers Protection).
  • Credit / Debit card via Stripes.

How are shipping fees calculated?

Our website automatically calculates the shipping fees based on the volumetric weight of the items in your shopping cart and the delivery address that you have provided. The fees are then factored into the final billing amount of your order.

Generally, ordering several items in a single order will yield lower shipping fees as compared to numerous orders of single items.

How soon will my order be ready?

The lead time for your order to be completed is dependent on what items have been purchased. Standard finished custom sabers will requires up to 16 weeks to be completed as each piece is made to order. It is quite possible that the saber will be done sooner, however our commitment is to not exceed 16 weeks.

Ready-to-Ship (RTS) sabers will be ready within 10 working days. Accessories that are ordered individually have a shorter lead time as stated in its product page.

If there are multiple items in this order, these will all be consolidated into a single shipment and the lead time is based on the item with the longest one. A tracking number will be provided for orders that are shipped.

Can I make changes to my order?

Yes, you definitely can, and we won’t be charging for this. As long as your order has not been marked “Fulfilled”, changes are still possible. However, please note that our manufacturing system requires new work orders to be generated even for the simplest order modification, and that will reset your order’s position in the build queue. This may potentially extend your order's lead time.

As such, we do hope that you can carefully check your selected options before proceeding to place your order.

Do you accept order cancellations?

Saber orders that are marked as “Unfulfilled” can be cancelled however, there will be a USD25 administrative charge and the PayPal transaction fee is not refundable. There is no administrative charge for accessories-only orders however deduction of PayPal transaction fees still do apply.


Who are your delivery partners and how long is shipping?

Sabertrio is currently only offering Express Shipping. Our delivery partners are DHL Express & FedEx, and which handles your shipment is automatically decided based on your delivery location. Shipping usually only takes 5 – 7 working days, not including any delays caused by local custom clearance.

Can you deliver to a post office box?

Our shipping partners unfortunately are NOT able to deliver shipments to a post office box. This includes APO, FPO and DPO. Shipments can only be delivered directly to the receiver's shipping address and a signature of receipt is required.

How do I track the shipment of my order?

As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive an email notification together with a tracking number. You may then end-to-end track the shipment via DHL Express OR FedEX’s tracking website.

How are local import duties & taxes handled?

All import duties and taxes (if applicable) will be covered by the recipient of the shipment. That person will receive a notification from DHL Express or FedEX if the shipment has been held by customs. Full payment for any imposed duties or taxes will be required before the shipment can be released.

Does my shipment have insurance?

All shipments are fully insured with the same value as shown in the order’s invoice.