What is a Saber Configuration?

The saber configuration essentially determines the electronic setup within the custom saber itself. We are currently offering three configurations which are CFX, Proffie and Stunt.

As the name suggests, the CFX Saber Configuration is powered by the Crystal Focus X soundboard. It is the advanced configuration that features the latest saber technology by Plecter Labs to deliver the most realistic saber experience. Effects are highly customizable through a more user-friendly process.

The Proffie Saber Configuration on the other hand is powered by the ProffieBoard version 2.2 soundboard. It is the advanced programmable alternative configuration that features the latest open-source saber technology for also delivering the most realistic saber experience. Effects customization requires adequate programming knowledge.

And finally, we have the Stunt Saber Configuration which does not feature a soundboard. It is the basic configuration that has all the essentials required for saber combat classes or cosplay photoshoots. It does not have any sound effects.

What does ‘Neo’ mean in a Saber Configuration?

Any saber configuration that has the name ‘Neo’ at the start of it (eg. Neo CFX Saber) basically means that the saber is illuminated by a Neo Blade instead of regular in-hilt CREE LEDs.

A Neo Blade is a custom saber blade type that features hundreds of individually addressable LEDs inside of it that allows for complex and realistic blade effects. Effects such as scrolling ignitions & retractions, locational blaster blocks and blade tip drag are only possible with this blade type.

Is there a quick way to compare all Saber Configurations?

Yes, there certainly is and here is the link:

View the Feature Comparison List

CFX or Proffie; which is better?

First off, neither of these saber configurations or soundboards are superior to one another. Both have been thoroughly preconfigured and optimized so that it works amazingly well from the moment you receive the saber. The main difference only occurs if you ever decide to start tweaking or customizing the saber’s settings.

When deciding on which to choose, the determining factor, apart from stock availability, should be based on these points:

  • Do you require on-the-go setting adjustments such as volume control?
  • How deep do you wish to customize your saber’s effects and controls?
  • Are you familiar with programming?

The CFX Saber Configuration supports on-the-go setting adjustments via a menu function that is accessible on the saber itself. Adding sound fonts is done through following a series of steps that involves a supporting computer and adjusting values in config files. It is generally more user friendly and does NOT require any programming knowledge. Customization options for blade effects and saber controls are decent.

The Proffie Saber Configuration allows for extensive customizations of blade effects, saber controls and more. Each time a modification is made, or a new sound font is added, the firmware on the soundboard needs to be recompiled and reflashed. This requires a supporting computer to be initially set up and changes are all made through programming codes. On-the-go setting adjustments is currently limited.

Can I order an empty custom saber hilt?

We unfortunately do not offer such a saber configuration however our stunt sabers are a popular choice amongst third-party installers. You may specify which internal chassis you want installed; CFX or Proffie.

Why is Sabertrio always sold out? Are you guys closing?

That could not be any further from the truth. We are very much in full operation however due to demand exceeding our current capacity, we can only accept new orders at specific dates in a year. This is to ensure that we do NOT take in more than we could possibly handle, which no doubt would lead to a compromise of quality and service.

For updates on when we will be taking in new orders, do follow us on Facebook or Instagram where we post regularly weekly updates.

What is the process for ordering a Custom Acid Etched saber?

To begin, you will need to place an order for a saber hilt of your choice that has custom acid etch selected as its finish. Once done, we will reach out to you via email to discuss the etching designs that you want. We do NOT have any pre-designed templates to provide however there are plenty of examples of our previous work that can be found on our Instagram page.

We will need you to share with us on what you envision your saber's etching to be. An overall concept is sufficient however any additional details and graphics that you can provide will make things easier and more accurate. With all these information, our designer will then create a visual for your approval. You will be able to request for adjustments however once we commence the etching process, changes are no longer possible.

Alternatively, if you wish to take etching designs into your own hands, we can provide you a blank template to draw on.

As every custom acid etch saber is bespoke, it requires an extended lead time to be completed and that ultimately is influenced by how soon the design concept can be finalized.

Can I request for the saber hilt to be finished in a unique way?

At Sabertrio, we always love to be as accommodating as we can. The best would be for you to drop us a message and share with us what you have in mind. If it is possible to be done, you can be assured that we will do it for you.

Can I order a saber without the Covertec Wheel?

Unfortunately, that will not be possible simply because our chassis system uses the Covertec Wheel’s screw to align itself inside the hilt. However, there is a work around; the Covertec Wheel can be replaced with the provided spare retention screw to achieve a flushed external surface area. Always ensure that the chassis is fully removed from the saber before tightening the screw to minimize the risk of stripping the threads.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

Typically, it would require 6 to 7 hours to fully charge the battery inside the saber with our Custom Saber Smart Charger. The reason for the slow charge is because the charger only has a 0.5A output which is intended to preserve the longevity of the saber’s 18650 lithium-ion battery.

Is there any warranty on a Sabertrio saber?

Every Sabertrio custom saber is covered by a one-year limited warranty against any form of manufacturing defects. In the unlikely event your saber has an issue, simply drop us a message and our customer service team will be with you soon. Our Warranty & Return policy can be viewed here.