saber configuration


This section explains the details of each saber configuration and includes a comprehensive feature comparison list.

Crystal Focus X

The advanced saber configuration that features the latest saber technology by Plecter Labs to deliver the most realistic saber experience. Effects are highly customizable through a more user-friendly process.

ProffieBoard V2.2

The advanced programmable saber configuration that features open-source saber technology to delivering the most realistic saber experience. Effects customization may require adequate programming knowledge.


The basic saber configuration that has all the essentials required for saber combat classes or cosplay photoshoots. It does not have any sound effects.

Hello there.


General Oobie Doob Scooby Dooby Benoobie.

  NEO CFX Saber NEO Proffie Saber Stunt Saber
Duel-Ready Durability
Removable Blade Neo Blade PCB Connector Neo Blade PCB Connector
Machined Internal Chassis
Battery Rechargeable 18650
High Discharge Battery
Rechargeable 18650
High Discharge Battery
Rechargeable 18650
Sound Effects
Soundboard Plecter Labs Crystal
Focus X
ProffieBoard V2.2
Gesture Control
OLED Display Support Yes, with 8-bit mini games
Blade Illumination Style Dual In-blade Addressable LED Strips (WS2812B) Dual In-blade Addressable LED Strips (WS2812B) In-hilt LED (CREE XP-E2)
Blade Color 15 Configurable Colors Kyber Dialed Colors Single Color
Blade Effect Customizable, Spatialized Customizable, Spatialized Static
Scrolling Ignition & Retraction
Flash on Clash
Blaster Block
Blade Lockup Effect Reactive
Tip Drag Effect
Wall Stab Melting Effect
Force Lightning Parry Effect
Preloaded Sound Fonts 26 18
Audio Quality True 16-bit True 16-bit
Music Player
Force Effect
Total Sound Font Limit Limited to the installed SD card's memory capacity Limited to the ProffieBoard V2.2's internal memory capacity (approximately 15 - 20 sound fonts depending on length of code)