the microsd card


Here you can view the contents and functions of both the Neo CFX and Neo Proffie Saber configuration’s microSD card.

Accessing the microSD Card

Power Core Chassis System

On top of the soundboard.

Legacy Chassis System

Under the soundboard.

To view a diagram of the chassis, go to the 'The Chassis' page.

View 'The Chassis' to learn more

To learn how to remove the chassis, go to the 'Recharging' page.

View 'Recharging' to learn more

To remove the microSD card, push in on the end until you feel a subtle click, let go, and the microSD card will pop out.

microSD Card Contents

The following is a list of files found inside your Neo CFX Saber's microSD card only if it is using the Neo CFX Saber preconfiguration.

Files that should not be modified unless you know what you are doing are marked with a "" symbol.

1-SABERTRIO etc...

Each folder contains a sound font. These are a collection of audio files that enable your Neo CFX Saber to produce dynamic sound effects.


Contains the Neo CFX Saber Manual as well as files needed for your saber to operate.


Where you can put .WAV audio files for the iSaber Music Player.

View 'Importing Music' to learn more


Modifying/deleting this file will cause your saber to malfunction.


Where color profiles are defined.

View 'Blade Color' to learn more


Where the majority of the saber's operating parameters are defined, including blade profiles.

View 'Blade Animation' to learn more


Modifying/deleting this file will cause your saber to malfunction.


Where the saber stores last-used data.


Where you can find important information like the firmware version of your Crystal Focus X soundboard.

Go to 'Support' to learn about the most recent firmware version and how to update.

View 'Support' to learn more


A manual override for features not accessible elsewhere.

In the event that your microSD card's data is lost/damaged, you can download the default preconfiguration files from the Support page.

View 'Support' to learn more