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attaching the blade


Here you can view how to securely attach all blade types to a saber hilt. All users should read through this section to avoid accidental blade damage.

Attaching a Neo Blade

Step 1

Insert the PCB connector end of the Neo Blade into your Neo Saber’s emitter.

If the blade does not slide in fully, the retention screw might be in the way. Remove the blade, use the provided hex key to loosen the screw, and try again.

If you cannot insert the blade at all, ensure that there is no blade plug already installed inside your saber's emitter.
Step 2

The Neo Blade's PCB connector interfaces with spring-loaded pins. Hold the blade down in place while tightening the blade retention screw to ensure a secure connection.

Do not overtighten. Too much pressure might crack the blade or strip the retention screw.

Tightening the blade retention screw should be done gradually. Test by gripping the blade and gently twisting it. If the blade does not move, the screw is tight enough.

Removing a Neo Blade

Hold the saber upright and loosen the blade retention screw until the blade can be easily removed.