changing the battery


This section covers how to safely change your saber’s battery. All users should read through this section as damage caused by incorrect battery installation is not covered by Sabertrio’s warranty.

All Sabertrio Saber configurations are exclusively compatible with 18650 button top protected lithium-ion batteries. Additionally, all Neo CFX Saber configuration batteries require a max continuous discharge of 15A.

If you need to purchase a replacement, contact us so we can ensure you get the right battery for your saber.

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Replacing the Battery - Power Core

Step 1

Unscrew the pommel, located at the bottom of the hilt.

Step 2

Angle the hilt down and gently shake it until the Power Core slides out halfway.

Grasp the Power Core and pull it out the rest of the way.

Turn the killswitch OFF.

Step 3

Partially loosen the Audio Chip by unscrewing it slightly (about two turns) to release the battery.

Step 4

Insert the new battery.

Triple-check the battery's polarity before inserting it to avoid accidentally damaging the charging PCB. Damage caused by incorrect battery installation is not covered by Sabertrio's warranty.
Step 5

Screw the Audio Chip back into place to secure the battery.

It is important to properly reattach the Audio Chip to prevent the battery from moving during dueling, which could cause unexpected saber reboots.
Step 6

Turn the killswitch ON.

Carefully reinsert the chassis. Ensure that the metal contacts face inwards, the speaker faces outwards, and the chassis cut-in aligns with the notch under the Covertec wheel.

Reattach and tighten the pommel to secure the chassis inside the hilt.

To avoid accidental damage, do not apply pressure to the speaker.
Only tighten until the pommel feels snug and no further. Overtightening could compress and damage the USB-C module.
Notice - For Hilts with an OLED Screen
Neo Proffie Sabers
Insert the Power Core within 5 seconds of turning ON the killswitch or the soundboard will not detect the OLED screen.
Neo CFX Sabers
After turning ON the killswitch and inserting the Power Core, press the auxilary switch once before pressing the activation switch.

For important safety details regarding your saber's battery, refer to the 'Safety' page.

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