changing the battery

Changing the Battery

Power comes to those with the will to take it.

Our sabers are only compatible with protected 18650 batteries that have a pin top, and the CFX configuration requires the battery supports a max continuous discharge of 15A.

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If a blade is inserted, we recommend removing it before proceeding.

With the opening facing down, gently shake the saber so the chassis slides out part way.

Grab the sides of the chassis and pull it out until the recharging port is visible.

(!) If the saber isn’t coming out all the way, the notch under the Covertec wheel might be catching on the battery. Rotate the chassis clockwise until it hits the wall, then try pulling again.

What’s keeping the chassis from being fully removed is a notch under the Covertec Wheel. To get the chassis past this notch you need to align it with the Chassis Release.

(!) Please note that you may encounter some resistance. The wires inside are twisted into a bundle, creating a tension that opposes straightening.

With a firm and steady pull, draw the chassis out until the Chassis Release passes the notch.

You can then rotate the chassis counter-clockwise to untwist the wires, relieving the tension and allowing the chassis to be pulled out the rest of the way.

(!) DO NOT yank forcefully while removing the chassis as this may damage the saber.

To remove the battery, gently pull the small white tab at its side.

(!) Be careful not to pull too hard as this could cause the battery to pop out forcefully.

Before you insert the new battery, reset the small white tab by pulling it across the battery holder.

Triple check the polarity before inserting the battery.

Inserting the battery in the wrong orientation will destroy your saber’s electronics.

(!) Warranty does NOT cover malfunctions caused by inserting the battery the wrong way!

Reinserting the Chassis

Twist the chassis clockwise until the tension from the bundled wires holds it firmly against the notch under the Covertec wheel.

Align the chassis release with the notch under the Covertec wheel and push the chassis inside.

Reinsert the rest of the chassis.

(!) Be careful never to apply pressure to the delicate speaker at the bottom of the chassis as this could permanently damage it.

Screw the pommel back in, tightening so it pushes the chassis all the way inside and locks it in place.

(!) If the pommel won't screw in fully, a wire might be pinched behind the chassis. See Troubleshooting for more information.