blade animation


Working in tandem with sound fonts and blade color, blade animation gives a single saber a thousand personas. This section contains an introduction on how the Neo CFX and Neo Proffie Saber configurations handle displaying blade animations and how to modify them.

Blade Profiles - Neo CFX Saber

The Sabertrio Neo CFX Saber Preconfiguration has 10 blade profiles that can be found in the config.txt file of your saber's microSD card, and all of them have been specially optimized for Sabertrio Neo Blades.

The best way to understand how Blade Profiles work is to play around with them, so we recommend experimenting via the Blade Profiles menu that can be accessed while your saber's blade is ignited.

Go to 'Saber Operation' to learn how to navigate to Blade Profiles on your Neo CFX Saber.

View 'Saber Operation' to learn more

When you go back to the Soundbank, all sound fonts will be reset to their default blade profiles.

Go to the 'Advanced Blade Animations' page to learn more about Neo CFX Blade Profiles and Neo Proffie Blade Styles.

View 'Advanced Blade Animations' to learn more