changing the audio chip


For the Power Core Chassis System, swapping between Audio Chips is simple and does not require any technical skills (eg. soldering).

Step 1

Unscrew the pommel, located at the bottom of the hilt.

Step 2

Angle the hilt down and gently shake it until the Power Core slides out halfway.

Grasp the Power Core and pull it out the rest of the way.

Turn the killswitch OFF.

Step 3

Rotate the Audio Chip counter-clockwise until it is completely unscrewed.

Step 4

Screw in your new Audio Chip.

When screwing in the Audio Chip, ensure that it is properly aligned with the Power Core’s threads.

Screwing in the speaker improperly or forcing it in may damage the PCB's pogo pins that connect the soundboard to the speaker, and could cause the speaker to stop working entirely.

For important safety details regarding the Power Core and Audio Chip, refer to the 'Safety' page.

View 'Safety' to learn more