changing the audio chip


For the Power Core or Shorto Core Chassis System, swapping between Audio Chips is simple and does not require any technical skills (eg. soldering).

Step 1

Unscrew the pommel and slide out the Power/Shorto Core.

Toggle the killswitch to OFF.

Step 2

Rotate the Audio Chip counter-clockwise to remove it.

Rotate the new Audio Chip clockwise to attach it.

Step 3

Toggle the killswitch to ON.

Slide the Power/Shorto Core back in, ensuring that you do not press the speaker.

Reattach the pommel to secure the chassis inside the hilt.

Notice - For saber hilts with an OLED screen
Neo Proffie Sabers
Insert the Proffie Power Core within 5 seconds of toggling its killswitch to ON for the soundboard to detect the OLED screen.
Neo CFX Sabers
With the killswitch toggled to ON and the CFX Power Core installed inside the saber hilt, hold the auxilary switch and release it after you hear the first beep.

For important safety details regarding the Power Core and Audio Chip, refer to the 'Safety' page.

View 'Safety' to learn more