the blade


This section covers what our Stunt and Neo Blades are, the thing that makes mid and heavy grade blades different, and the intended application for each.


The Neo and Stunt Blades are available in both heavy and mid grades. While each has its own unique handling characteristics, all Sabertrio blades are guaranteed durable enough for dueling.

After all, what fun is a saber if you can't fight with it?

Mid Grade Blades

Wall thickness: 1.8mm (0.07″)

Outer diameter: 25.4mm (1″)

A more balanced weight distribution.

Suitable for light to medium dueling.

Ideal for performances and flourishing.

Heavy Grade Blades

Wall thickness: 3.2mm (0.13″)

Outer diameter: 25.4mm (1″)

A more blade biased weight distribution.

Suitable for full-contact dueling.

Ideal for competitive saber combat.

Always duel with blades of the same grade. Due to the difference in wall thickness, a heavy grade blade may damage or even crack its mid grade counterpart.

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