setting up for proffieboard


Before you can customize your Neo Proffie Saber, you will need to go through this section to view how to set up your computer so you can access your Neo Proffie Saber’s parameters.


The Sabertrio Neo Proffie Saber allows for extensive customization of blade effects, sound fonts, saber controls and much more. Each time a modification is made (eg. adding new sound font), the firmware on the soundboard needs to be recompiled and reflashed. This process requires a supporting computer to be initially set up.

You will need a microSD card reader, a USB data transfer cable (provided with your Neo Proffie Saber) and the following three applications:


Arduino IDE

ProffieBoard DFU Setup (direct download link)

The latest version of Arduino IDE should work fine. In event you run into technical difficulties, you can try installing/using version 1.8.19 instead.

Setting Up Notepad + +

After downloading Notepad++, run the executable and follow the on-screen instructions to install the app onto your computer.

Setting Up Arduino

Step 1

After downloading Arduino IDE, run the executable and follow the on-screen instructions to install the app to your computer.

Step 2

Once instaltion is complete, run Arduino IDE and go to File > Preferences.

In the Preferences popup screen, copy-and-paste the folowing URL into the Additional Board Manager URLs text field:

You need to copy-and-paste the URL itself, not the content that is displayed when you go to the URL.

Click OK.

Step 3

In the toolbar, open Tools > Board: “Arduino Uno” > Boards Manager.

Type in “Proffie” in the search box and select “ProffieBoard by Fredrik Hubinette”.

Please ensure the version 3.6 is selected and click Install.

Step 4

Once installation is complete, go to Tools > Board: “Arduino Uno” > ProffieBoard > ProffieBoard V2.

To verify that the setup was completed successfully, select Tools again and ensure the drop-down menu displays Board: “ProffieBoard V2”.

Additionally, while on the Tools drop down list, hover your cursor over USB Type and ensure that Serial + Mass Storage is selected.

Setting Up Your Neo Proffie Saber

Step 1

With the provided USB data transfer cable, connect your Neo Proffie Saber's soundboard to your computer. It will automatically install the latest driver to your ProffieBoard so it works properly.

It does not matter if the killswitch is ON or OFF.

If your ProffieBoard disconnects repeatedly, double-check that the microSD card is properly inserted inside your saber's soundboard.
Step 2

With your Neo Proffie Saber connected to your computer, run proffie-dfu-setup.exe.

Close the window when installation is completed.

Step 3

To ensure everything is installed correctly, open Device Manager on your computer.

Under Ports (COM & LPT) you should see USB Serial Device (COM#) (the “COM” will be followed by a number that the computer assigns to it).

To check if Aurdino IDE can access your saber, run Aurdino IDE and open the Tools drop-down menu, and near the bottom you should see Port: COM#.

If you do not see the above mentioned indicators, you might need try again from Step 1 of Setting Up Your Neo Proffie Saber.

For more detailed troubleshooting, please refer to 'ProffieBoard Setup' in the ProffieOS Documentation linked below.

ProffieBoard Setup - ProffieOS Documentation

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