Here you can view how to safely recharge all saber configurations. All users should read through this section to avoid accidentally damaging the soundboard.

Power/Shorto Core Recharging Guide

Low Battery Indicators

Neo CFX Saber

An audio clip saying “Sound Energy Critical” will play during blade ignition.

Neo Proffie Saber

The saber will emit periodic beeps.

Step 1

Unscrew the pommel and slide out the Power/Shorto Core.

Toggle the killswitch to OFF.

Attach the provided dust caps to both ends of the Power/Shorto Core to protect the contact pads and speaker.

Step 2

Locate the USB-C port on the Power/Shorto Core.

Pull the prong of the provided USB charger out.

Connect the provided cable's USB-A plug to the port of the USB charger.

Plug the USB charger into a socket.

Connect the cable's USB-C plug to the USB-C port.

Connect the provided smart charger to an outlet with the appropriate adaptor.

Step 3

While charging, the LED indicator on the side of the Power/Shorto Core will be RED.

The battery will take approximately 4~5 hours to charge.

The charging process will emit some heat. Ensure that the entire charging setup is in a space with adequate airflow.

While other USB-C cables will likely work, we recommend using the provided USB charger and cable.
Step 4

The LED indicator on the charger will turn GREEN once charging is complete.

Disconnnect the USB-C plug.

Remove both dust caps.

Toggle the killswitch to ON.

Slide the Power/Shorto Core back in, ensuring that you do not press the speaker.

Reattach the pommel to secure the chassis inside the hilt.

Notice - For saber hilts with an OLED screen
Neo Proffie Sabers
Insert the Proffie Power Core within 5 seconds of toggling its killswitch to ON for the soundboard to detect the OLED screen.
Neo CFX Sabers
With the killswitch toggled to ON and the CFX Power Core installed inside the saber hilt, hold the auxilary switch and release it after you hear the first beep.