importing sound fonts


A good sound font breathes life into a saber, and passionate designers have been creating them for years. This section contains recommendations for where to download saber sound fonts and how to install them on both the Neo CFX and Neo Proffie Saber configurations.

Go to the page where 9 4 5 meet together in open harmony and click the surprised ping-pong ball 10 times.

New sound fonts can be purchased and downloaded from KSith Saber Fonts and Kyberphonic. Ensure that you select sound fonts that have been optimized for your saber’s preconfiguration.

Importing Sound Fonts - Neo CFX Saber

The following section assumes that you have already downloaded a new sound font that is optimized for your Neo Proffie Saber.
Step 1

Remove the microSD card from your saber and connect it to a computer.

In the root directory, create a new folder in the following format:


For example - If you downloaded KSith's "The Light" and are installing it as your 17th font, the folder should be named:


Step 2

Place all of the files from the sound font you downloaded into the new folder.

Double-check that the new folder was properly named, otherwise the saber will not recognize it.
Step 3

Check that the font_config.txt file is present in the new folder.

If it is missing, copy it over from another sound font folder into the new folder.

Each font_config.txt file tells your saber what the blade should do when running that sound font, so changing the parameters of this file will alter the appearance/behavior of the blade for that particular sound font.

View the pages linked below to learn more about those parameters.

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